Open eShop – Developing an awesome new script to sell digital goods


Since last Tuesday 24th October we’ve been working in something new and awesome that many of you were asking.

We are developing an online shop to sell digital goods! And yes it’s open source and using all the power of Open Classifieds.

Why??? I’ve been having issues almost from the beginning to find the right software to deliver our professional themes that we sell in the Market. We tried hosted solutions from many providers…they were too expensive, or they didn’t work, without ability to offer support to our buyers etc.. we also have tried self hosted solutions and…or either they are old, or they are expensive or really slow…so after getting few request via email and forums we decided that we go for it!.

Key Features

  • Sell digital files
  • Sell with Paypal or  Credit Card (using Paymill)
  • Offer support to your products from the software
  • Create licenses for each sale and verify them using the API
  • Notifies users of new versions of their purchase
  • Secure files to download
  • Track of downloaded files
  • Uses OC core functionality
    • CMS Pages
    • Translations
    • Themes
    • Newsletters
    • Easy to update
    • Easy installation
    • Fast!
    • Etc..

Still to do:

  • Integrated Blog and Forum
  • Social auth
  • Translations
  • Licenses API (work in progress)

We need your help! any donation any collaboration anything it’s more than welcome, we want to repeat the success of Open Classifieds and you can be part of it 😉

The project can be found at  Open eShop web site, currently working on it 😉



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