How to: Word to Pdf in Php

Hola, bueno normalmente no escribo en el blog en Inglés ya que no es mi lengua materna, pero hoy para el trabajo he recopilado una cantidad de enlaces y posibles soluciones para convertir archivos del office a pdf desde el word.

No se si esto se convertirá en algo habitual ya que lo llevo pensando hace tiempo de combinar ambos idiomas, me iría muy bien para terminar de aprender.

Bueno sin mas:

The problem is that we need to attach to a generated PDF file from php, files from word.


1. Attach the content from word files in the pdf.
This one would be the best one. But theres no way of doing it. Or not a known one (google cant do it either)

2. Only add a link in the pdf to the word file.  Easy and fast, but you don’t have the printed word on the document

3. Only support uploaded PDF files
, easy one since I didnt see any program that converts all M.Office versions 97/2003/2005/2007 … they are different

4. Generate a pdf file for every word that they upload, later we need to merge the pdf files.

Common problems for last point:

  1. The server performance and file storage (space)
  2. Uses Open Office (needs to be install and running an instance for each process) as parser
  3. Doesnt keep the format as it is.
  4. Pdf mergers is an external tool that I could not try since the one that I tried

And with tihs options of doing point 4.

4.1. User upload file and at the same time we create a pdf file in the same folder with same name, link for windows, link for linux
Waiting time is really high, since first they need to wait for uploading the file, and later for the conversion.

4.2. We generate the pdf files only on request (to generate the main PDF), we can use this tool only for windows (I couldnt try it is paying). Problem: Server performance, higher than normal, and waiting time.

4.3. We convert only the new files. We should have a common folder for the upload files and then with an schedule task convert the files. Problem: We use separate folders for security reassons (separate files between clients), and we don’t have inmediately the file. link

Finally for a friend of mine I discovered this/ , but I didnt have enough time to try it.



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